3 Ways to Build a Better Health Care Workplace

Discover 3 trends driving the success of this year’s Best Workplaces in Health Care, and get best practice ideas to better support employees at your own healthcare organization.

Based on data from the 2017 Best Workplaces in Health Care List

On top of the inherent challenges of their work, many healthcare professionals are navigating an increasingly complex and ever-changing regulatory environment. The need for effective leadership and better support for healthcare workers has never been more crucial.

Building better healthcare workplaces can have a profound, even an exponential impact – on the many professionals who work there and the patients whose lives are put into their hands. And according to our 2017 Best Workplaces in Health Care, that translates into clear organizational benefits:

  • Higher HCAHPS scores
  • Lower average rates of full-time turnover
  • 87% of employees at the Best Workplaces say they want to work there for a long time (vs. 83% at non-winners)
  • 82% of employees report a psychologically and emotionally healthy workplace (vs. 77% at non-winners)

So how do you get there?
In this report, 3 Ways to Build a Better Healthcare Workplace, we draw on trends from this year’s Best Workplaces in Health Care to show how you can develop work environments that support and empower your people.

You’ll Learn

• Latest trends and data driving strong workplaces in healthcare
• Best practices from top healthcare workplaces
• The factors of employee experience linked to organizational resilience
• The business benefits of building a stronger workplace culture for all employees

Teresa Iafolla is Content Manager at Great Place to Work.

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