What is CEO Talks?

CEO Talks – is a series of video interviews conducted by GPTW. Each episode we will interview the top executive from different industries and different sizes of MNC or SME. Every leader tells a story with us by sharing their learning and their successes of building a great workplace whilst facing different challenges. 

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DHL Express

“When you practice people empowerment, there must always be a ‘Trust’ element instilled. Never use the person you doubt; never doubt the person you use.”

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“Fundamentally, we believe, to act out your best, you need to enjoy, have fun, and have things to look forward to in your day-to-day.”

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“We believe that when we look after our team members while they are working in Hilton, in return, they will naturally commute their experience to our customers.”

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The Trade Desk

“For every challenge, there is an opportunity”

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“Invest in talent and culture. Talent with bold objectives will always find the way to help, and if you build a strong culture, you can lean on it in tough times, but also be elevated during the good times.” 


“You must always focusing on your employee and your customers, if you do these two things well, your business will do well”   

DHL Express - Taiwan

“Trust allows us to stay resilient, brings us together as one, as a team.”

NVIDIA - Taiwan

We work together to take on the challenges, come up with a solution and build a culture which employees want to follow.”

Meijer - Hong Kong

“The biggest challenge to keep everyone engaged is to know how to communicate and interact with each other without seeing each other face to face.”


“Communicating with our team based on our leadership commitment is crucial. We have a very good foundation on this since they joined the company. We are committed to our people’s feelings and recognition.”

Stryker - Hong Kong

“We value our people a lot. We grow talent. And in order for people to grow in a safe environment we need to take care of their needs.”

Cadence - Taiwan

Nowadays being a leader is more than the detailed execution of a company policy. To be a leader, it’s more important to inspire the team and make sure they all go in the same direction.