About the Ranking

About the Ranking

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Great Place to Work® researches and recognizes excellent workplaces in more than 45 countries on 6 continents. Our study represents the opinion of more than 10 million employees worldwide. Therefore, our study of excellence and trust in workplaces is the most respected and extensive research in the world.

The Great Place to Work® methodology is rigorous, objective and sets a global standard for defining excellent workplaces in all sectors. The Best Companies to Work for, are published annually in the most prestigious business media in the world such as Financial Times (United Kingdom), Fortune (United States, Korea), Business Management (Mexico) and Strategy and Business (Central America and the Caribbean). . For companies, our rankings represent the highest distinction that can be obtained from employees for quality in the workplace.


The clear vision that is obtained will serve as a guide to improve the labor culture and distinguish itself from the competition. Our lists are much more than advertising and positioning, the reports you get will give you practical knowledge and the tools to transform your workplace.

In addition to brand recognition and positioning, our Ranking of the Best Companies to Work® are the basis of:

  • Comparative measurement and analysis of workplace competitiveness
  • Intellectual capital to develop leadership
  • Human Capital Best Practices and Knowledge Exchange

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