Great Place to Work® Greater China Conference & Best Workplaces™ Awards Ceremony 2019

Every year, Great Place to Work ® invites a number of well-known local enterprises and foreign CEOs as well as human resources leaders to share and discuss best work practices and the current challenges in the market.

This year’s topic is ‘Workplace Equality, Better Opportunities FOR ALL’.

 In recent years, a growing global movement to elevate the roles and responsibilities of women within the workplace has become a priority for many companies. Although companies place significant effort in trying to create a culture of equality, much of this effort is focused on women. Gender inclusiveness should be focused on both genders, to give men and women equal opportunities to succeed in order to create a great place to work for all.

This year’s conference we will identify factors that contribute towards equality in workplace cultures and discover the key elements that are linked to gender equality advancement within companies.

Join us on 5 December for panel discussions of the above-mentioned topic with senior HR leaders and to celebrate the achievements of high-trust, high-performing organizations. The awards will encourage the companies to continue building a great workplace and to inspire them to regain success in other key performance indicators areas.

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