The Future of Best Workplaces™ | Automation and Artificial Intelligence
16 May, 2020

Entering 2020, a new decade will appear before our eyes. The world situation is changing, and the economic recession is accompanied by technological changes.  More or less how everyone will be affected in the workplace?

As the global authority on workplace culture, Great Place to Work® conducted a Trust Index™ Survey in Greater China in 2019 covering 48913 employees, within 35,546 effective responses within the data, employees’ workplace experience value was analysed and reported.

We found that no matter where the company is in the world, employees will continue to look for a better workplace, and companies will strive to tap the potential of employees. The challenges that the company will face will be greater and greater, and the opportunities that follow will also increase.

The companies of Best Workplace in the Greater China™ region showcasing the future of the workplace, which presents one of the most important key directions:

Automation and Artificial Intelligence

New technologies are disrupting jobs and transforming industries. The opportunities are immense once employers and their workforces are ready.

How can the company and its employees be prepared? What is the right timing?

In the era of automation and artificial intelligence, what employees are most worried about is not being replaced by robots. Then what is the real fear?

Some industries are ready for the challenge. Others aren’t.

To find out an answer, Great Place to Work® developed an index of employee experiences that measure whether employers are ready to quickly adopt automation or AI. We call it the “AI Readiness Index.”

The subsequent impact of artificial intelligence is undeniable, there is a tendency to replace workers. Are you and your company ready?

Which industry index is the highest? What type of jobs will be mostly affected? Who can best lead the trend in the era of artificial intelligence?

It turned out that the Best Workplaces™ are fully prepared.

Nearly 90% of the employees at the companies of Greater China List indicated that their companies quickly adapt to changes needed for business success.

Focus on the future of your employees, and they will also create yours too.

Want to prepare your employees readiness? Then focus their future.

Not only artificial intelligence and automation have changed the working style and workplace culture, but recently it opens up and later we got used to the joy of working remotely.  Focusing on employee inclusiveness and sense of belonging are also the most important key directions, which poses the challenges to the company and employees, the companies on the list of “Best Workplace ™” have already shown us the way forward.


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